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Mahuset started with a simple vision, awesomeness, awesomeness everywhere.

—Emilo I on Mahuset

The Dutch immigration system is broken. The people that change to our traditions, speak our language, have respect for the Dutch and work are being sent home while the people that don't care about our traditions, don't speak our language, don't have respect for the Dutch and don't work may stay.

—Emilo I on immigration

Every religion that allows people to have their own religion should be allowed. Every religion that doesn't, shouldn't be allowed.

—Emilo I on religious freedom

Emiel Hardy, also known as Emilo I is a politician and Kyng Fourth of Slin since August 2014. He first knew micronations on Wikipedia and searched on the internet how to make one. He would then establish the Kingdom of Ihuset, getting the name from his claim (his house), as well as from the Norwegian word for house (huset). In June 2012, the micronation merged with the neighbouring Dutch micronation Matsia to form Mahuset, which made Emiel king of the new nation and Matthies Kersbergen as prime minister, until Nuri I replaced him. He was also one of the commanders in the Pikawars. He has been at the Burgemeester de Wilde School and at the Petrus Canisius College. He also was a member of the Mahusetan Triumvirate.

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