Anthem: Gambrieria Strong!

Claims (approximate)

Map of Gambrieria
Capital/largest city Niqua
Official language


Demonym Gambrierian
Government Socialist single-party State
 -  General Secretary

Comrade Hiro Sahin

Legislature National Cabinet
Un-official Government entity
 -  Claimed Independence Sptember 25, 2015
 -  Government reformation November 1st, 2015
Currency Gambrierian Yuan

The Democratic People's Republic of Gambrieria is a self-proclaimed island-bound nation located in Oceania, with many, if not all, being Chinese immigrants.

It's Government was heavily influenced by modern-day China, by being a socialist-single party state, but having its Official Language being Chinese.


Gambrieria is currently at war with the National Socialist Union of Maquasia, caused by escalating territory disputes.


Gambreria's military is composed of conscripted (and poorly trained) civilians, dubbed "The Marine Corps". "The Marine Corps" uses heavily outdated weaponry such as the AK-74 and it's carbine, the AKS-74u.

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