Dawn of a New Country

National Anthem of


Lyrics Shady Morsi ,Tyrone Ownsly
Music Uknown

11 March 2016 (Hiti)

5 May (Paraoa)

Music sample
Dawn of a New Country

Dawn of a New Country, also known as The Paraoan National Anthem, is the national anthem of the Paraoa . It was adopted in 2016,  The melody is that of Preamble The lyrics are created by Shady Morsi and Tyrone Ownsly


First Verse:
We people of Paraoa
Exercise sov'eignty.
Establish our Constitution
Of Our republic.
Affirm our common wish to live
In peace and harmony.
To defend heritage of past
And buld the future.
Our beloved Atol
Diversity of our cultures.
Our diffrences Will enrich us,
Waters bring us All together.
They don't sep'rate.
They sustain us.
Our Atol Our nation
Fathers and Sons of our Land
And make us much stronger.
Second Verse:
Oh Paraoa, a Dawn of a New Country
Displaced no other man,
We who remain wish unity,
Been ruled we seek freedom,
Our days began when men explored
Seas in rafts and canoes.
Our nation born when men voyaged
The seas via the stars.
Third Verse:
The world itself is an island
We seen from all nations.
Peace, friendship, co-operation,
Love and humanity.
With this Constitution,
We now become proud guardian
Of our beautiful islands.

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