Confederation of Brandholm
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Prince March

Confederate Brandholm

Confederate Territories in red

Capital Brandfors
Languages Official language:

Swedish Finnish

Government Aristocratic Confederation
Lord of Brandholm
 -  2013 Johannes von Doorn
Legislature None
Historical era
 -  Formation 11 December 2013

Central Brandholmer Government officially known as the Confederation, was a self-proclaimed state in Brandholm durring the Brandholmer Civil War The state declared indenpendence from the Principialty of Brandholm following the dissoluition of the aristocracy Johannes von Doorn the Count of Brandfors which opposed the expansion of modernism. A new Confederate government was proclaimed in December  but was considered illegal by the government of the Prince Despite After war began in April, The confederates tookover the major part of the country the prince fleed in exile and the Prince Power Army have being formed

The Civil War began with the 11 December 2013 when Confederate attack Brandfors and various other cities, a By 2014, after very heavy fighting, largely on Confederate territory, Confederate. forces all surrendered and the Confederacy vanished. No sovereign foreign state officially recognized the Confederacy as an independent country


The Confederation of Brändholm was formed as a reaction to the Anti-feudal politics of the Prince and government. The Confederation was leaded by Johannes Von Dorn to rebel against the Brandholmer government The rising was intended to be swift, but the confederate government retained control of most of the country including Brandfors, Olympia Mannor and Cove Point. Olympia and the west areas are hold by the Princely Power Army


The Confederation controlled the center area of Brandholm, which was flat


The Confederates used the Brandholmer Dollar, with was also used by the Principality


The Government of the Confederation was a Fedualistic Democratic Confederation ,A lord have much power in one of its territories the Lord Speaker was the Head of state of the Confederation


  • Duchy of Cove
  • Duchy of Olympia
  • Duchy of Northern Areas
  • Brandfors Territories