Catan general election 2015
Catan Flag.png
2014 ←
30 April 2015
→ 2016

  Caelan Reid.png Josh Sykes.png Stephanie Kettlewell.png
Party Labour [[Liberal Democrats|Template:Liberal Democrats/meta/shortname]] [[Steph's Baes|Template:Steph's Baes/meta/shortname]]

Party [[Independent|Template:Independent/meta/shortname]] [[National Party|Template:National Party/meta/shortname]]

Prime Minister before election

Daniel Carr
[[National Party|Template:National Party/meta/shortname]]

Prime Minister

Caelan Reid

A general election took place on the 30 April 2015. 70 seats were contested across the Kingdom of Catan. All 70 seats were won.


The Election was announced after Daniel Carr announced his resignation. Parliament resigned an hour later.

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