Caribbean Empire
Caribbeanse Keizerijk

Flagof the CE100px

Symbolic Claimsof the Caribbean Empire
Capital city Philipsburg (uncontrolled)
Official language(s) English, Dutch , French Creole, English Creole, Caribbean Hindustan
Demonym Caribbean
Government Single-party state under constitutional monarchy
- Emperor Samuel
Established April 28 2014
Population 13
the Caribbean Empire also known as Caribbea is a small simulationist micronation located in the British Virgin Islands, claming Little Jost Van Dyke, Green Cay ,Great Tobago Islands, and Hans Lollik Islands it have also symbolic claims on the Windward and Leeward Islands, However despite its lack on control The Caribbean Empire occupies a small territory in Curaçao known as Tobagovile


Caribbean Empire

The former Prime Minister of Brandholm,Samuel Bakker declared a part of the British Virgin islands independent from the United Kingdom as the Caribbean Empire. Samuel was unanimously proclaimed the nation's first Monarch, A Declaration of Independence was sent via e-mail to the Govornor of the BVI

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