Berlonia's Soccer League (or BSL) as the name says, is Berlonia's national soccer league. The league includes teams such as Priber United, Ramenia S.C. & Capitalber F.C.. It consists in all berlonian teams competing with each other twice. The 2 winners (teams with the best score) win a place at the Club International Football Cup of the next year. It starts every year on August 10th, although, in 2016 it started in December 20th. It is held by the Berlonia's National Football Company.

Participating Teams:

Priber United (PB)
Ramenia S.C. (RM)
Rachel's Troopers (RM)
Capitalber F.C. (PB)
Athletic Berholm (BH)
Keiglin S.C. (KN)
Duckon F.C. (RD)
Berrnélhine PC (BN)

Winners so far

Year Winner 2nd Place
2015 Priber United Capitalber FC
2016 Athletic Berholm Rachel's Troopers

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