Berholm Map
Map of Berholm
Actual flag of Berholm, featuring four stars, representing the four states of Berlonia
Date Founded 8/12/2015
Berholm is the third and most recent sate of Berlonia. Its name derives from the suffix "holm" of some places in the United Islands, symbolizing the alliance of them with Berlonia. It is also the only state big enought to support cities.


Berholm's history goes back to 8/12/2015, when Berlonia allied to the United Islands. some time later, the UI suggested Berlonia to claim land. The chosen land was the new state of Berholm.


Berholm has 4.49 km from North and South extremes, and an aarea of roughly 6.09 m². It is divided in 5 cities: Bernelia, Keiglin, Radonia, Berholmia and Luania.
Berholm Regions

Berholm seen from Google Maps

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