Empire of Atlantium
125px-Bandera d'Atlantium.svg


85px-Imperial State Signum of Atlantium.svg

Coat of arms


E Tenebris Lux


Auroran Hymn by Camille Saint Saens

Capital city Concordia
Largest city Concordia
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Atlantium
Demonym Atlantian
Government Elective constitutional monarchy
- President George II (George Francis Cruickshank) 1981-
Established 27 November 1981

Atlantium officially the Empire of Atlantium is a Australian micronation founded by George Cruickshank, or as he is known in Atlantium George II. Atlantium was founded in November 1981 and it's current capital is Concordia, which is South-East Australia.

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