Armed Forces of Nedland (AFN)
Emblem of the Armed Forces of Nedland
Motto: We shall die for Nedland!
Active: 8 May 2015
Past major conflicts: None
Current conflicts: None
Sub Service: Army of Nedland, Navy of Nedland, Police of Nedland, Division of Secret Soldiers
Supreme General of the Armed Forces: Cameron Pino
General of the DSS Will Baruch
General Information:
Headquarters: Flag of DC SCR Washington SCR
Active Personnel: 2
Reserve Personnel: 1
Current deployed personnel: 1
Standard weapon: Nerf gun

The Armed Forces of Nedland is the branch of Nedland's government which covers all military and police actions. The Armed Forces were formed in May 2015.


The Armed Forces have many subdivisions:

  • Army of Nedland - The Army is responsible for the general protection of Nedland's sovereign territory and also is used for attacks outside of Nedland, primarily for fighting other micronations. They are trained to burst doors down, neutralize foes, and use Nerf guns like experts
  • Navy of Nedland - The Navy is used to patrol the waters controlled by Nedland. The Navy has never faced combat, and is comprised of one boat.
  • Mechanized Infantry of Nedland - The Mechanized Infantry are comprised of any soldiers on duty in cars. Are used in serious combat and conquering houses.
  • Secret Service of Nedland - The Secret Service protects the President at all costs, and will even take bullets for him/her.
  • Division of Secret Soldiers - Secret Police of Nedland

Technology and equipment

Currently, the Armed Forces only have Nerf guns, due to the age of the majority of Nedlanders. Nedland feels it does not need real weapons, and Nedland is too poor to afford them, so Nerf guns are good enough according to most.

Ranks of the AFN

  1. Private/soldier
  2. Corporal
  3. Sergeant
  4. Lieutenant
  5. Captain
  6. Lieutenant Major
  7. Major
  8. Lieutenant Colonel
  9. Colonel
  10. Major General
  11. Lieutenant General
  12. General
  13. 'Supreme' General (A technical title for the supreme commander of the Armed Forces; is officially called a general)


Nedland's army has no uniform, save that all cadets wear Yugoslav communist cadet caps.

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