Alexandria Subcultural Republic (SCR)
—  SCR of the Flag of Nedland - 3 Democratic Socialist Federation of Nedlandic Republics  —
Motto: Death to Nedland!
Anthem: All Hail the Glorious Nedland
Autonomous Republic Flag of the Nedlandic Autonomous Republic Nedlandic Autonomous Republic
Incorporated 16 May 2015
Founder Ned Greiner
Capital no name
 - Important Persons from the Alexandria SCR Matt Noone
Population (As of 16 May 2015)
 - Total 5 (est.)
Demonym Alexandrian, Nedlander
Time zone Eastern Standard Time (EST)

the Alexandria Subcultural Republic (SCR) is a non-autonomous republic of Nedland based in Alexandria, Virginia, and a division of the Nedlandic Autonomous Republic. It has a population of 5, and its capital has no name. It is only made up of one municipality - its capital.

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