Alenian Republic
Alenische Republiek

Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic.png

Alenia flag
Real Emblem Of Alenia
Coat of Arms

Once the flag raised it will never fall !
Unity !
Capital city Alenkandar
Largest city Alenkandar
Official language(s) Dutch, English
Official religion(s) None
Short name Has short name::Alenia
Demonym Alenian
Government Federal Constitutional republic
- Staatspresident Jeffrey van Klink
Legislature Alenian People's Congress
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 10
Population 16
Currency Alenian Flint
Time zone CET + 1
National sport Football
National animal Eagle
Alenia, officially the Alenian Republic is a self-declared independent nation-state, commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers, with claims in Europe and Asia. It is governed as a federation, with various systems in its numerous states.Hengelveld, Lissewaert, Wingeria and Kennedia together make up mainland Alenia, in Northwestern Europe. And Alenia also has one dependent territory, Alenian Asia, in Asia.

Alenia is a federated state and a constitutional democratic republic with a Staatspresident, and administered by a parliament known as the Congress. While the laws of the states are subordinate to federal law, the federal government does not have any regulations on the means for administering states and as such the states all have their own unique system of governance. It is regarded as a minor inter-micronational diplomatic power and a leading cultural and political power in Europe.

Alenia, with a mixed market capitalist economy, ranks as having a high level of income equality. It is frequently ranked as a happy and lowly corrupt nation. The national language is Dutch. Alenia is a full member of the Volen Alliance


The origin of the name Alenia derives from the capital Alen kandar . with the stuffix -ia



File:Flag Of Hoogwaard.png

Hengelveld was founded On 19 April,2013 as the Capital of the now defunct Republic of Hoogwaard The Hoogwaardian Liberation Front under the lead of Shady 'Restapato' Morsi took over one of the areas and declared the Republic of Hoogwaard as reaction on the Eurozone crisis On 20 April the young republuc joined the Micronational Union. On 15 April Voltak joined Hoogwaard On 27 April Hoogwaard joined the Microwikia community on 29 April Hoogwaard entered the Narentian Civil War

After Hoogwaard was isolated,The government was unpopular and Hoogwaard became a monarchy for 31 minutes with King Andrew I as monarch. He left and Hoogwaard became a democratic republic However on 31 May,Some people try to attack the proconsul but failed. On May 14th A civil war begon Jordy Sloos decided to start a revolt and try to conquer the capital of Hoogwaard but fails and a long range civil War started, On 23 May,2013 Hoogwaard vandalized Montanian and Molarussian pages, Montania dosent respond but Molarus declared war marks the begin of the Hoogwaardian-Molarussian War However, 5 days later a peace treaty On 7 July The civil war was ended. The republicans won despite this Hoogwaard was declared dissolved

One year later Hengelveld was proclaimed independent .The nation was a protectorate of Viadalvia. It was founded by by a former Hoogwaardian citizen, the nation started expanding and at its peak consisted of Hengelveld and the Antarctic Lands soon it collapsed.


On 2015, Stijn Dros created the Republic of Drosmenia and declared himself to be its president.


Current Alenia

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