In late October of 2015 the Alampourdesian government decided that a constitution is indispensable for the country and the people,as the country needs a fundamental law that defines its type of government,economy and the rights and duties of the citizens.The constitution was written by Jaimson and it was finished on November 15th of the same year.On December 6 of 2015 the government announced that a referendum will be held on 20 December to decide whether the constitution proposed by the government should be accepted or rejected as the fundamental law of the state.The citizens were informed about the referendum and the constitution through the government's newspaper.


The constitution consists of 79 articles and defines Alampourdesia as an independent Socialist state that all its activities are guided by the ideology of Marxism-Leninism.The executive branch was given to the government,the legislative to the parliament and the juridical to the supreme court.

Referendum results

On December 20 2015 the referendum was held in Alampourdesia.People accepted the constitution with an overwhelming majority of 85% of the votes.

Results Yes No Voters
Eastern Alampourdesia 91% 9% 12
Western Alampourdesia 75% 25% 8
Total 85% 15% 20
Voter turnout

International Reactions

The now defunct United Islands has respond on the referendum (it was never published to prevent a diplomatic conflict between the UI and Alampourdesia), Shady Morsi called the Referendum "rigged and false" and hopes that "democracy will prevail"

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