The 2017 World Cup of Ice Hockey will take place in September 2017. It will take place in the Popular Union of Occitania in cooperation with the Republic of Tres Flors.



Candidate Countries

  • Sangheili SFSR Sangheilios SFSR - 3 venues in Philadelphia; 1 in Villanova.
  • Ratchet SSR Flag Ratchet SSR - 2 Venues in Wildwood
  • Topherian Empire - TBA
  • Soviet Flag Occitania and Tres Flors - 1 venue in Alba, 4 venues in Aragon, 2 venues in Descarrega, 2 venues in Maltemps, 1 venue in Oranje


Country Votes
Sangheili SFSR Sangheilios SFSR 29%
Ratchet SSR Flag Ratchet SSR 0
Soviet Flag Occitania and Cata Tres Flors 71%
Topherian Empire -



  • Cata Tres Flors (Host)
  • Soviet Flag Occitania

Sangheili Union

  • 25px Ohio SSR (Host of Cleveland 2017 Winter Sangheili Games)
  • Flag of Schykille Schykille PR
  • Cleveland 2017 Final Four
  • Sangheili SFSR Sangheilios SFSR


  • 25px Gazcarn
  • Smyrna Flag Smyrna
  • Gadsden Flag Gadsden
  • Persico Flag Persico
  • El Dorado

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