2017 Micro World Cup of Ice Hockey
Host City(s) Wildwood
Host Nation Ratchet SSR Flag Ratchet SSR
Current Champions (2016) Flag of Schykille Schykille PR
Runner Up
3rd Place
4th Place
Best Player
Best Goaltender
Fair Play Award
Motto Summer Never Stops Us From Playing Hockey!
Nations participating 32
Stadium Wildwood Convention Center

The 2017 World Cup of Ice Hockey will take place in September 2017 in the Ratchet Sangheili Socialist Republic. It was originally to take place in the Popular Union of Occitania in cooperation with the Republic of Tres Flors but it withdrew it's hosting rights after "banning virtual events in the country. The Ratchet SSR will be the second member of the Sangheili Union Ice Hockey Confederation to host the event.


First Host Bidding

Candidate Countries

  • Sangheili SFSR Sangheilios SFSR - 3 venues in Philadelphia; 1 in Villanova.
  • Ratchet SSR Flag Ratchet SSR - 2 Venues in Wildwood
  • Topherian Empire - TBA
  • Soviet Flag Occitania and Tres Flors - 1 venue in Alba, 4 venues in Aragon, 2 venues in Descarrega, 2 venues in Maltemps, 1 venue in Oranje


Country Votes
Sangheili SFSR Sangheilios SFSR 29%
Ratchet SSR Flag Ratchet SSR 0
Soviet Flag Occitania and Cata Tres Flors 71%
Topherian Empire -

Second Host

Many months after the first edition when Occitania was awarded the hosting rights it was unknown whether Occitania had shown any interest in hosting or taking part overall. In February 2017, the Ratchet Sangheili Socialist Republic volunteered to take the hosting right if a plan was cleared of Occitanian withdrawal which occurred in August 2017, a month before the World Cup.


The main venue is the Convention Center in the Ratchet Capital of Wildwood. It is home to many sports teams such as the Sangheili New Jersey Devils of the Sangheili People's Premier Hockey League and the Wildwood Basketball Club. The venue also hosts concerts and other sporting events. The football stadium located in the city will host the Ratchet SSR's opening match as well as the Finals.

Other Information

Due to recent hosting assignment, the Ratchet SSR has not released a logo yet but has a theme song which is Wildwood Days.



  • Cata Tres Flors
  • Soviet Flag Occitania


  • Polish Republic of Freeland
  • Kingdom of Catan
  • Germax
  • Artinia
  • 1939
  • Hoso
  • Andautonia
  • Cristianes
  • Abelden
  • Ecoland
  • Cutria
  • Serbica

Sangheili Union (Qualified nations)

  • 25px Ohio SSR (Host of Cleveland 2017 Winter Sangheili Games receives automatic qualification)
  • Flag of Schykille Schykille PR (Current World Champions, Automatic Qualification)
  • Erie SSR (Takes Schykille's Quota),
  • Ratchet SSR Flag Ratchet SSR (Host)
  • Craktelia SSR Flag Krakteliya SSR
  • Oldfoundland SSR (Silver Medal)
  • Sangheili SFSR Sangheilios SFSR (Bronze Medal, Best SU Nation from 2016 World Cup)


  • 25px Gazcarn
  • Smyrna Flag Smyrna
  • Gadsden Flag Gadsden
  • Persico Flag Persarum
  • El Dorado
  • Unironic empire Unironia
  • Principality of New York
  • Iberico Unido
  • 150px-Republic of Smithville Flag Smithville (2016 Runner Ups)
  • Vokshaggen


  • Emirate of Khamid
  • Nueva Argelia


  • Mizuho

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