Brandholmer Independence Referendum


Should Brandholm be an independent country?
Votes Of total
 Yes 30
No 8
Valid votes
Invalid or blank votes 6
Total votes %
Voter turnout

The 2016 Brandholmer Independence Referendum is a referendum on whether Brandholm should be an independent nation takes place on June 10th, 2016.

Following the lack of activity in the United Islands, the Brandholmer Independence Referendum Bill, setting out the arrangements for this referendum, was passed by the Brandholmer Parliament. The referendum question, as recommended by the Electoral Commission, is "Should Brandholm be an independent country?" – voters can answer only Yes or No. To pass, the independence proposal requires a simple majority. With some exceptions, all residents in Brandholm aged 11 or over can vote, a total of about 45. The "Yes" side won, with 30 (80%) voting for independence and 1,617,989 (44.7%) voting in favour Independence had been declared on 11 June 2016,

The National League is the main campaign group for independence, while Shady Morsi is the main campaign group to maintain the union. Many other campaign groups, political parties, businesses, newspapers and prominent individuals have also been involved. Prominent issues raised during the campaign include which currency an independent Brandholm

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