The 2016 Berlonia's Soccer League is an event that occurred on December 20, 21 and 22 of the said year. It was sponsored by the Berlonian government and included every berlonian team.

The Reboot

The 2016 edition of the Berlonia's Soccer League is called "The Reboot", because the berlonian government was trying to make the nation stay alive and functioning. Another reason is to raise awareness to the website situation, in which many users had to join other wikias, because of the recent collapse of the website's management.

Team Region/City Goals Scored Rank
Priber United Principal Berlonia 3 3rd
Ramenia S.C. Ramenia 0 8th
Rachel's Troopers Ramenia 7 2nd
Capitalber F.C. Principal Berlonia 1 7th
Athletic Berholm (Winner) (Most Goals) Berholmia 9 1st
Keiglin S.C. Keiglin 1 6th
Duckon F.C. Radonia 3 4th
Berrnélhine P.C. Bernelia 1 5th



Match A: Priber United 1 x 0 Ramenia SC

Match B: Rachel's Troopers 5 x 1 Capitalber FC

Match C: Athletic Berholm 3 x 1 Keiglin SC

Match D: Duckon FC 2 x 1 Berrnélhine PC


Match Y: Priber United 0 x 1 Rachel's Troopers

Match Z: Athletic Berholm 3 x 1 Duckon F.C.


Final: Rachel's Troopers 1 x 3 Athletic Berholm

3rd place match: Priber United 2 x 0 Duckon F.C.

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