Fennoscandian 2015 Tournament
Tournament information
Location Warmond ,The Netherlands
Established 2015
Course(s) 2
Length 2 hours
Organized by TBA
Tour(s) TBA
Format Stroke play
Prize fund TBA
Month played 23 April
Tournament record score
Aggregate TBA
To par −TBA
Current champion
Sweden-State-Flag-alternate-1838Sietse Mourtanje

The 2015 Fennoscandian Golf Championship, or The Golfcup (often referred to as the Fennoscandian Open), is a major championships in professional golf. It is administered by The Brandholmer Golf Assistation the Marrskar Golf Putters and the Langholmer CAA and is the only major held in Fennoscandia 


Nation Coach Strengh Homebase Points
Flag of PR Marreskar Märrskär Dave Visser 6 Lenninski 3
Sweden-State-Flag-alternate-1838Långholm Oskär Bär 3 Boudecca 5
Flag of the Republic of BrändholmBrändholm Shady Morsi 2



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