The 2015–16 Staatsdevisie season is the 2nd season of the Staatsdevisie  since its establishment in 2014.


A total of 8 teams will be taking part in the league: The best 5 teams from the 2014/15 Staatendevisie  and the best 3 teams from the Eerste Divisie

Irne Toppers demoted to the Eerste Divisie SC Laddas ,United Ja'alhomerhaven and Patavia United make his debut at the Staatsdevisie

Club Location Venue Capacity
Olympia Football Club


Olympia Olympia Arena 400-700
 Football Club LaddasFc laddas Laddas Laddas Sta'tuim 25
Sporting Club Laddas Laddas Korenzwauderecht 10
 FBC KlinkenburgKLINKENBURG Klinkenburg New Los Santos Arena 34
Hasslo Kickers

Hasslo Kickers

Perraburg Brisha Perra staduim Uknown
Patavia United Patavia Patavia Field 6
United Ja'alhomerhaven Ja'alholmerhaven Julholm National staduim 45
Spartak Brandenburg Brandenburg Prince Wim Arena 23


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 Date Result
Olympia Football Club  Football Club Laddas 16 September 1-0
Sporting Club Laddas  FBC Klinkenburg 22 September 4-3
Hasslo Kickers Patavia United 6 October 4-2
United Ja'alhomerhaven Spartak Brandenburg 13 October 0-1
12087551 888221444605801 1930782835 n

Match Hasslo Kickers (yellow)-Patavia United (red)

Team 1 Result Team 2 Date Result
Olympia Football Club 3-2  Sporting Club Laddas 7 November
Hasslo Kickers 6-0  Spartak Brandenburg 11 November


Team 1 Result Team 2 Date Result
Olympia Football Club 0-3  Hasslo Kickers 21 November

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