2015/16 Keigen League Cup
Country Keig
Dates September 3rd 2015-
Teams 42
Matches played 0
Goals scored 0
Top goal scorer(s) TBD

The 2015/16 Keigen League Cup is the 1st season of Keig's second-most prestigious football knockout competition. The competition is currently without a sponsor, having previously been sponsored for the final stages of the cup by The Keigmid Group.


Round One

Round One games took place on August 3rd 2015.

Team 1 Score Team 2
Sparthan AFC 4-0 Spartans F.C.
Airdon County 0-0 St Wlyde
Airdon Rangers 0-1 Partick Caledonia
Accies AFC 6-0 Almakar Town
Tedinham Villa 0-0 Ferburku Celts
St Loebas United 3-1 Bamphard F.C.
Dismana Rovers 2-2 Nordburg Thistle
Kaivate 2-2 Caledonia F.C.
Fehr United 2-1 St Crossway
Caleyhead F.C. 3-1 Dancorseds
Team 1 Score Team 2
St Wlyde 0-2 Airdon County
Ferburku Celts 2-0 Tedinham Villa
Nordburg Thistle 2-6 Dismana Rovers
Caledonia F.C. E2-1 Kaivate

Round Two

Round One games took place on September 9th 2015.

Team 1 Score Team 2
Sparthan AFC 0-2 Airdon County
Partick Caledonia 1-0 Accies AFC
Ferburku Celts 0-2 St Loebas United
Dismana Rovers P1-1 Caledonia F.C.
Fehr United 0-4 Caleyhead F.C.

Round Three

Round Three games took place on September 11th 2015.

Team 1 Score Team 2
Airdon County 3-0 Partick Caledonia
St Loebas United 4-0 Dismana Rovers
Caleyhead F.C. 2-1 Acerfeldy Town
Borana Town 0-7 Kirkcalden

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