This page details all the micronational events that pertain to members of this community that occurred in the year 2015 AD/CE.


January 1: Parlimentary elections for the Republic of Smithville are set for May 20.

January 30: Radon establishes a new canton, Nærtum.


Febuary 12: Esterlyn Writes it's Deceleration of Independence.

Febuary 20: The Republic of Smithville comes in 2nd Place in the NFT World Cup 2015.

February 23: The Diplomatic Republic of Berlonia is founded.

February 28: Radon's first birthday.


March 3: The Socialist Part of the Republic of Smtihville dissolves.

March 4: The New Democrat Party of Smithville is founded.


April 2: Nærtum gains autonomy in Radon, thereby renaming it to Matsia.


May 3: Matsia gains independence from Radon. This prompts Radon to create the Second Canton of Nærtum.

May 6: Start of the Sixth Pikawar.

May 8: The Republic of Smithville celebrates the 70th anniversary of V-E Day.

May 9: Smithville celebrates its first anniversary of gay marriage legalization.

May 12: An Amtrak Train derails near the capital of Philadelphia. "What an [sic] sad event hours before May 13th which is Independence Day" quoted Sangheili Union's Head of State, Mikhail Polidro.

May 15: Members of the Communist Party of the Sangheili Union have a discussion regarding the Amtrak Train derailment.

May 17: Esterlyn ratifies it's Deceleration of Independence.

May 18:

  • Congressman and Siege Engineer Maximus Nephos constructs the first siege weapon for the Republican States of Esterlyn.
  • The Republican States of Esterlyn declared war upon the Confederate States of America, the latter of which was formed by Brian Aquillus.

May 21: Smithville has changed its national anthem from Song of the Smithans to Hail Columbia.


Undefined date: Bernel gets an orthographic reform, wich introduced the missing latin letters for names and surnames.

June 5: The Kunnia War ends.

June 7:

  • Scranton, Sangheili SFSR wins the hosting rights of the 2020 Winter Sangheili Games.
  • Bregy, 3TO SSR wins the hosting rights for the 2020 Summer Sangheili Games.

June 10: The Federation of Westland celebrates 7th year.

June 16: Micronationalist Paul Kang celebrates his 15th birthday.

June 20: Paul Kang celebrates his fifth year in micronationalism.

June 25:

  • In response to criticism to a proposed Freyan War Remembrance Day, Alphador refuses recognition of any intermicronational peace day and founds the national holiday of Freyan Memorial Day (July 6).
  • In the State of Brändholm, Prince Wim is found after 3 years of disappearance.the Princely State of Brändholm was formed


July: End of the Sixth Pikawar.

July 1: Milhaus Accords.

July 2: The war between the Confederate States of America and the Republican States of Esterlyn ends officially, despite the government of the latter being on holiday.


August 10: Start of the 2015/16 Berlonian Soccer League.

August 12: The Republican States of Esterlyn ratifies it's Deceleration of Independence.

August 13: The Republican States of Esterlyn ratifies it's Constitution.

August 14: The Republican States of Esterlyn elects it's Head of State.

August 27: Radon has hit 150 citizens.


September 9: Nuri I announces the first edition of the Solnær of Fiira Games.

September 18: Nuri I celebrates his 14th birthday.

September 27: Matsia has been declared defunct.



November 14: The Militia is Founded

November 23: Radon has been chosen to host the 2015 Winter Microlympics.


December 1: The United Republic turns 1 year old, with Doland turning 2 in February.

December 5: Slin has been declared defunct.